TeeTiny ONLINE Tower of Despaor

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게임 특징

Goddess Tower
From the wide variety of PvE content available in the Goddess Tower
including stories, quests, raids, hunting, and more
To the exciting PvP systems of the Tower of Trials
such as tournaments and PvP combat
We welcome adventurers from around the world
to help stop the Archdemon's resurrection.
Will you be able to climb your way to the top?
Fight Together
Adventurers from around the world will come together
and be pushed to their limits fighting bosses.
With unique attack patterns for each boss
climbers must form teams of different classes
and work together to overcome.
No boss will be able to block your path!
Not as long as you can work together!
Freely Changeable Classes
The weapon you choose determines your class in TeeTiny Online.
Depending on the situation and strategy required
you can switch your class at will.
Want to try different approach? Switch now!
Global Community
Meet adventurers from all over the world on the Island of TeeTiny
where there is one single server for everyone.
Use our real-time, auto-translation technology
to enjoy PvE and PvP with adventurers who speak different languages.
Climber's Rest System
Adventurers get to decorate their very own Garden!
Choose the items that fit your taste, inside and out!
Soon, other adventurers will line up just to get
a look at your magnificent Garden!
Charming Costumes
In TeeTiny Online, players can deck themselves out
You can try a cool, fantasy outfit if you want
Or one of the many unique, humorous looks available.
Check out the more whimsical looks, like the Fish Blade and Veggie Wand!


Join in on your PC or mobile device!
Have fun with TeeTiny anytime, anywhere!!

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  • Windows
    Recommended Specifications
    Windows 10 or later
    Intel i5-1035G4, AMD Ryzen5-3400G, or equivalent CPU
    8GB RAM / 3GB HDD
    Integrated Graphics


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